Introduction to Cefnogi

Posted by Cefnogi on Thursday, 24 January 2019


‘Professional and Intentional Support to Christian Youth Work Practitioners in Wales.’ 

Co-ordinated by Robert Burton, professionally qualified youth worker and manager with over 30 years’ experience in faith based youth work, and 16 years’ in statutory youth work and 3 years’ national agenda through training youth workers across Wales through voluntary sector.

The Network exists to support Christian youth workers, inspire excellence in delivery, to offer high quality training and resource youth workers in the South-East Wales region. Promoting Christian youth work, leaders and workers.

The rationale of the network is to support the youth leaders and workers on the ground from a variety of perspectives, equipping, inspiring, building a sense of team and unity with diversity. A professional approach offering insight and practical ideas and support for the challenges they face in their communities.



There are six pillars of support available to the network:


Spiritual Support
Individual and group support through sharing vulnerabilities, encouragement and investing Godly wisdom, insight and words in season. Time is given to individual and group Prayer & Ministry. There are also opportunities for mentoring and peer support.

Share Good Practice
Sharing of ideas and practical steps and actions. Showcase good work and successes.
‘Cefnogi’ is a forum to share opinions, concerns and discuss how to influence and inspire young people for God. How to engage with Church community, Local community and local Government as well as National Government – Explore how we can have an influence and make our voice as Faith Based youth work heard and relevant.

Resources & Updates
Looking at Youth work policy and legislation, links with youth work agencies, secular, faith based, targeted work and consider developments from universities and colleges. Exploration of links for consultation and research as well as tools for consulting, improving participation and raising profile of the work being undertaken.

Events Network
Support each other’s events in prayer and by attendance. Advertise and raise awareness through network. Partnership work for larger events and joint events. Raise profile nationally – opportunity for young people meet across denominations, opportunity for young people to perform, lead worship, speak, minister and evangelise.

Professional Supervision & Support
Professional support through formal independent supervision. Develop reflective practice, leadership and management development, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, vision building and action planning. Strategies for team building and creating a Godly youth work culture

Training Opportunities
Team building ideas, workshop construction creative activities and opportunities, discipleship and mentoring. Bespoke training tailored to the youth work setting and in response to identified issues or gaps in knowledge and practice. Links to national training providers offering accredited youth work training.

It would be great to share the journey with you and support the building of God’s Kingdom.
Rob Burton MA, BA Hons